The Complete Story Behind the Incomplete Dwarka Expressway: Yr. 2007 – 2016


The Complete Story Behind the Incomplete Dwarka Expressway: Yr. 2007 – 2016

With just another year to the feather of incomplete Dwarka Expressway and it will be a decade. What can happen in these long 10 years? Marriage, Kids, Family, Home! Ohhh No NOT HOME!!! WHY??? For the people who invested in Dwarka Expressway it has been a different story of Paying Rent, Paying Home Loan EMI, TAX and Endless wait.

Read through the complete story of the Incomplete Dwarka Expressway from early days of year 2007 till date.

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1. What and Why? – Dwarka Expressway, also known as NPR (Northern Peripheral Road)

Amid the planned robust expansion of Gurgaon and nearby industrial areas like Manesar and influx of expected heavy traffic due to increasing car penetration in Delhi NCR, Haryana Govt. announced the ambitious 150 M Wide x 8 Lane x 18 Km Long expressway project named as Dwarka Expressway in year 2007 to improve connectivity between Dwarka and Gurgaon (3rd Major Connecting road after NH8 and Mehrauli – Gurgaon Road).

Key Objective:

  • Off-load the Traffic from NH8 by 40%
  • Smoothen the airport connectivity with mega industrial area (Manesar) by reducing travel time/distance
  • Development of New Gurgaon Residential Sector to meet the housing demand of Millennium sector.

Based on the Govt. proposal to build this expressway, more than 110+ builders had launched more than 150+ projects in last 9 years offerings more than 97000 units. Buyers have invested more than 58000 Cr across the sectors on Dwarka Expressway (Source: More than 70000 end users are suffering due to lack of basic amenities like road infrastructure.

2. History of Dwarka Expressway Project at Glance

Year 2007 :

  • Announcement of Mega Expressway Project by Haryana Govt.
  • Initial Target set by Govt. to complete it before CWG’10 (Common Wealth Game)
  • Launch of many residential and commercial project started across the sectors of Dwarka Expressway

Year 2008:

  • Land acquisition for construction of 18 Km is completed in 2008 as per Govt. Report
  • Just after the land acquisition, Litigation on 5.5 Km out of 18 Km is raised by more than 500 residents of New Palam Vihar , Kherki Dhaula and other areas of Gurgaon.

Year 2009-10:  

  • Case hearings in Punjab and Haryana High court for litigation land
  • Workout on many new proposal for realignment of road in area falls under litigation category

Year 2011:  

  • In April 2011, Contract was awarded to JSR Construction Pvt Ltd. and Indiabulls Construction Limited for completing the construction work.
  • Fresh deadline of March 2012 was announced by Govt. to complete the road.

Year 2012 – 14:  

  • Regular Hearings on total 13 petitions filed by group of affected residents in Haryana Court.
  • Meanwhile, construction on more than 14 Km out of 18 Km is completed by contractor.

Year 2015:

  • Court dismissed 11 out of 13 petition in high court to clear the way for Dwarka Expressway
  • The court vacated its stay on 20th May’15 for construction along a 2.5km stretch of the 18km-long Dwarka Expressway.
  • Court ordered HUDA to do the settlement with more than 700 families by offering alternate plot and construction cost in Sector -37C and Sector-110 (~ in 145 acre land area) within 6 months.
  • Draw of plot allotment cancelled 2 times in the month of Sept-Oct’15 and agreement not yet done.

Year 2016:

  • Union Minister for Rad and Transport, Highway and Shipping Shri Nitin Gadkari the “National Highway” status to Northern Peripheal Road on March 8, 2016, popularly known as Dwarka Expressway
  • Sources have confirmed that nothing much has moved since then at NHAI as the notification of NH is awaited from the ministry which is in turn awaiting for official confirmation and handling over the project by Haryana Government
  • The State and the Centre have meanwhile announced and planned several other projects like Clover Leaf, CPR and Metrino neglecting 10 year old project with almost 70% complete.
  • HUDA, post the order from the Hon’ble High Court has carried out no development work in Sec 110 in the past one year owing to which the draw for alternate plots was yet again cancelled on 12-April-2016 as the Outsees  withdrew to participate.
  • Land allotment draw canceled and delayed further. Next draw date not known.

3. Current Status of Dwarka Expressway

Even after the relief from Haryana High Court on petitions filed by residents on litigated land, many road blocks are still on the way of Dwarka Expressway. The announcements made are merely to lure vote bank and nothing concrete is happening at ground level.

Dwarka Express way construction status 2016 2017
Red line denotes the Incomplete Dwarka Expressway

Delhi Connectivity: Spot 1 on Map

  • No firm plan to connect NPR from Gurgaon boarder to Dwarka by DDA
  • No land acquisition done
  • Instead of 150 M, thought of 75-80 M

Unauthorized Patch in New Palam Vihar: Spot 10 on Map

  • Plot Allotment not yet done in sector 37C and Sector 110 o Allotment process cancelled 2 times due to 107 concern points raised by residents o 6 month timeline as per court order for settlement is already over

Flyover Work: Spot 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 on Map

  • Flyover work not yet started for intersection point at Pawla Khusropur, Daulatabad , Sector 102, Basai, Railway Crossing, Pataudi and SPR road for smooth traffic
  • Out of these, some of the intersection points are critical and Pataudi Road is state highway
  • Railway over bridge work is yet to finish

Padmini Factory: Spot 7 on Map

  • Even after clearance from court, Factory has not been demolished yet.

 Connectivity to NH8 at Kherki Daula: Spot 11 on Map

  • Land Litigation on ~200 Mtr is still there and no firm plan yet from HUDA side
  • Toll Plaza and NPR connection cannot exist together, toll needs to be shifted for smooth operation
  • No clear proposal on layout of connection with NH8 i.e. multi-layer flyover or underpass  for easy  traffic
  • Evaluation on 60-80 Mtr connectivity for last 200 Mtr patch near NH8 from HUDA side- Risk mitigation

In addition to direct bottlenecks mentioned above, there are many in-direct blockages are also there like removal of high tension wire, sewage system etc.

4. Impact on End Users:

More than 70,000 users from middle class and upper middle class category have purchased their dream home. Some of them have already got the possession of their flats after the delay of 2 or more year and some are in process to get their dream homes in next 3~6 months. Residents across the sectors of new Gurgaon area like 110A, 111, 112, 113, 114, 110, 109, 106, 105, 108, 107, 103, 104, 102, 102A, 101, 100, 99, 99A, 37, 84,83,81 etc. will have following huge impact due to further delay of Dwarka Expressway:

  • Acceptability of possession by End Users from builders will be big concern area in coming days
  • Basic Infrastructure like Sector Roads, electricity supply from grid, water supply and sewage system will be missing for long term due to non-operational of Dwarka Expressway.
  • Poor occupancy rate will down even the sentiments of end users and overall price of property.
  • End users will continue to pay EMI and Rent in longer term
  • More and more traffic burden on NH8 will continue. Vehicle population has increased by more than 40% in last 5 years.
  • Poor airport connectivity for residents of new sectors across Dwarka Expressway
  • Increase in travel time/distance by more than 40% for office goer from Dwarka and nearby areas
  • Delay in planned public transportation like metro for new sectors across Dwarka Expressway as per Master Plan  
  • Concern on expansion plan of Manesar Industrial Area