Checklist before taking Posession of your New Home from Builder


Check list before taking the possession

  1. Signs of seepage/dampness:  Touch the walls to feel signs of dampness. Do this especially in the case of kitchen and bathroom walls as pipes run between these walls. Keep a look out for irregular patches of painting that seem done over to hide patches of dampness.
  2. Cracks in wall paint
  3. Missing removable parts: Check for faucets, fan regulators and other removable items that may have gone missing. This may not really be the builder’s fault. Pilferage by workers is common as doors to completed flats are left open due to some repairing or finishing work.
  4. Sliding doors and windows: These should not be jammed or awkward. They should slide smoothly.
  5. Hollow Tiles: Since bathrooms, kitchens and even floors have tiles, it is imperative that you check for hollow tiles. Do this by tapping the tile with a key or any other object. This is important for two reasons. A. The chances of a hollow tile coming off in a few months time is high. Replacement cost can be high. Also there may be a possibility that you will not find the exact type/ pattern of the tile used. B. Hollow tiles allow moisture/water to seep in and collect leading to damp and unhealthy walls and ultimately resulting in seepage.
  6. Electrical Sockets:  All fan and light switches in the boards should be fixed properly. There should be no gaps. Check that all plug points work and are connected to the main supply.
  7. Water pressure and water flow: Check all taps and even the WCs for water pressure. Check the taps for direction of water flow. Water should not spurt in all directions.
  8. Measure the rooms for size: Yes. This sounds amusing but it is critical that you ensure that you have got what you have paid for.
  9. Common amenities: Most builder apartments promise basic and in some cases pretty luxurious amenities. More often than not these include swimming pools, game courts, club houses, café etc. Check if these are completed. DO NOT start paying for these amenities unless they are 100% complete.

List of amenities: Some builders or developers offers or promise list of amenities for apartment you are buying such as playground, lift, swimming pool etc. After completion of construction, buyers or investors find that builder has not provided all amenities as per promised or agreed. Check your agreement to see the list of amenities and make sure each one is provided as per specification.

Doors and windows: Ensure your apartment is provided with required doors and windows for proper ventilation in all rooms, including bathroom and kitchen. Improper ventilation can cause numerous problems in future. Ensure all the sliding door/windows work smoothly.

Wall Painting: Wall painting need to be checked before taking possession of home or flat from the builder or developer. Some builders or developers provide single coat wall painting in some rooms instead of double coat. Check if all walls have double coat. Exterior painting should be complete along with window and balcony grills.

Cracks on the wall: Look for cracks in the foundation, ceilings and walls, which indicate movement of the structure caused by settling, soil expansion. Check for cracks on the walls, especially between electrical sockets.

Drainage outlets: This one of important thing you need to check before taking the possession of flat or home.

  • Clogged outlets are a menace if not done before you move in. Water collects in bathrooms, kitchen and balconies and creates a mess. Check if all Drainage outlets such as balcony, bathroom, kitchen, utility, etc. are working and not clogged.
  • Also check for water flow from kitchen, bedrooms, and hall. Slope should be towards bathrooms or terrace.
  • Also check for slope in bathrooms and terrace. Make sure water is completely draining out and not accumulating at one place.
  • Fill water in the bathroom above your flat and keep it for 1-2 days. Observe if any leakages are seen in your bathroom. These leakages can cause major headaches later.
  • Check for Leakages: Check for all bathroom fittings are as per specification. Check the working of taps and bathroom fittings. Ensure there is no leakage when opening or switch on taps. Make sure granite platform in kitchen is not leaking. Pour bucket of water on granite platform and observe for any leakage below it. Check hot and cold mixer. Also check for water flow from kitchen, bedrooms, and hall. Slope should be towards bathrooms or terrace. Make sure water is completely draining out and not accumulating at one place. Observe if any leakages are seen in your bathroom. These leakages can cause major headaches later.
  • Check switches and plug-points: Make sure that all the sockets, plugs, bulb holder are connected to mail supply.
  • Also check if main fuse in the house is controlling complete current supply. If you have an inverter, ensure the supply shift to the inverter if the main switch is switched off. Check if all switches and plug-points are working. Check if the extra electrical sockets/switches you had asked for are provided as per requirement.
  • Measure size of room: Some builder or developer divert from sanction planned resulting reduction in size of room and bathroom. Ensure that all rooms are provided enough space by Measure hall, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom sizes.
  • Safety measures: Ensure that your building is constructed according to safety rules provided by fire department and National building code. Check if your gas leak detector is working by burning a piece of paper and allowing the smoke to fill the kitchen.
  1. Check all the doors and windows whether they are working smoothly or not? If opted for mosquito net then check that too whether it is properly closing or not? Also ensure all window glasses are proper without any cracks. If there are any slider doors then check they are functioning right. Number of doors and windows should also be as per plan.
  2. All walls should also be checked as how many coats are being done on them? All the walls of the apartment should be double coated. Paints on the outer walls should also be checked for finishing purpose. If there is some issue then it should be corrected by the builder immediately before moving in.
  3. If you find any cracks in the walls, pillars, beams or ceiling then ask your builder to repair them before possession. Ensure there are no cracks near the electrical socket systems.
  4. Checking the tile work is also important if there is any crack, hole or damage then it can be replaced but after moving in it is very difficult to do tile work which smokes a lot of dust while removing.
  5. All the drainage system are smoothly working or not and to ensure this one needs to check whether the water is smoothly flowing from bathrooms, kitchen, balcony or dry area or not? There are usually some clogs are found in newly constructed homes due to not handling the excess of building material like cement or brick pieces or tile pieces, etc. if there is any blockage in any of the pipeline or drain system then it needs to be taken care of immediately otherwise it can be a bigger problem in future.
  6. One must check all the fittings and fixtures like taps and bathroom fittings whether they are proper and as per specifications or not. They may leak if not fitted properly. The kitchen otta should also be checked by pouring bucket full of water for any leakage underneath the platform as if there is any leakage then it can be a major problem and it needs to be fixed. The slope in the bathroom, balcony and utility area should be towards the outlet so as to avoid the accumulation of water at the time of use.
  7. It is better to ensure the electrical fitting are as specified and the switches and plugs are connected to the main supply line. Extra points are provided are not as per your requirements.
  8. Check all the locks and keys of the apartment by using them to ensure the locks and keys are functioning properly. Check the doors are opening in the right directions without making any unnecessary noise.
  9. The room sizes should also be measured as sometimes builder does mistakes or intentionally changes the size plan that is why measuring the sizes is good option if you feel something is wrong with size of room or bathroom or kitchen. The builder must compensate for faults.
  10. Check for safety equipments like fire fighting instruments that are compulsory for every building today. Whether the builder has followed the safety measures or not as per the government rules and regulations. If there is gas pipeline system then check whether the gas leak detector is working properly or not?
  11. At the time of selling flats or homes builder do promise lots of attractive things in the society in the name of amenities then it is better to cross check the list of amenities that are supposed to be in the premises and whether they are functional or not?
  12. Clean water is a big problem in most of the societies as there a huge water crisis in most of the area of densely populated city and in such a case it is better to ensure that the water supply is in place from corporation as well as from bore well for other usage.
  13. One very important thing is to check the parking lot which is allotted to you as it is usually not clear on paper. Ensure that it is enough to accommodate a big sized car and easily accessible otherwise it will be difficult for you to adjust the big car in small space.
  14. After checking the interiors and exteriors of your new home it is time for checking all the necessary documents like possession letter, no objection certificate, development agreement, blue print, letter of allotment, no dues certificate, sale deed papers, ULC certificate, power of attorney, Commencement certificate, receipts of payments made to builder, copy of title deed papers, etc.

Documents to take from Builder at Handover

Possession letter: If your building or apartment is provided with all amenities, size of rooms as per approved and you have checked all things in your apartment, it is time for taking possession of your flat or home. While taking possession of flat or home, ensure that you have receive all documents from the builder.

  • Allotment Letter
  • Possession Letter
  • Copy of Occupation Certificate
  • Copy of Completion Certificate
  • Blue Print of Wires / Water Pipeline etc
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Development Agreement
  • Power of attorney (if applicable)
  • Commencement Certificate
  • Search Report of the Builder’s Advocate
  • Receipts of payments made to the builder
  • Letter of allotment etc
  • Power back up details (usually given in Agreement)
  • Tri partite agreement in case the builder took loan from bank to develop property
  • Full payment breakup, stating that you have NO dues
    Agreement by maintenance agency (which usually for first 2 years is a builders sister concern)
  • Lease deed- by Govt authority
  • Registry Papers – by Govt authority
  • Parking Allotment letter are some of important documents required from builder or developer during possession of apartment.