Dwarka Expressway Package 1 and 2 Delhi Bottlenecks and Update on Meeting with Delhi Govt.

Kherki Daula Toll Dwarka Expressway DXPWA Gurgaon Gurugram (1)


Total Length of Dwarka Expressway 28.5 Kms
Total Length in Delhi (Package 1 & 2) 9.5 Kms
Package 1 5.3 Kms

This stretch will be 5.3 km long starting from Shiv Murti at NH-48 and ending at the approach of the Rail under Bridge near Sector 21, Dwarka.

Package 2 4.2 Kms This 4.2 km long stretch will be between Km 5.3 at the Rail under Bridge and Km 9.5 at the Delhi Haryana border on the expressway.
Total Length in Gurgaon (Package 3 & 4) 19 Kms
Package 3 10.2 Kms

This stretch will be 10 km long between Km 9.5 to Km 19.5 of the expressway.  The road will pass through Sectors 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 109, 110, 111, 112 and 113 in Gurgaon.

Package 4 8.8 Kms

This stretch will start from Rail over Bridge at Basai and end at a cloverleaf interchange near Kherki Daula at Km 40 of the NH-48, thus including the route originally planned for the CPR.


There are about 1.32 lac families (about 5 lac family members) from 175 different residential societies on Dwarka Expressway (NH248BB), sectors 81-115 of Gurgaon + Millions of commuters who live and/or travel to Delhi/Gurgaon and vis-a-vis will be benefited from this when ready. There are about 6 lac+ villagers in its peripheries too who have lost their land/houses to builders for this expressway. But now there is no infrastructure and hence no economic activities just because there is no Dwarka Expressway for which they have been forced to part off with their land and houses.

Update on Cutting of approx 13690 Trees in Package 1 and Package 2 of Delhi side of Dwarka Expressway:

Packages falling on Delhi side of Dwarka Expressway:

1) Package 1 is tunneled stretch – The existing 3 X 3 i.e. 6 lane road from Sector 21 Underpass Dwarka till Shiv Murti NH48 has to be completely dug to make 4 X 4 i.e. 8 lane tunnel, once 8 lane tunnel gets completed, the original 3 X 3 i.e. 6 lane surface road will be restored on top of the 8 lane tunnel as it was earlier. Both sides of the tunnel will be of 4 lanes that is total of 8 lanes and the both side of surface road will be of 3 lanes that is a total of 6 lanes. So post package 1 gets completed the proposed new road will be of 14 lanes (6 surface and 8 lanes tunnelled) with 3 lane service roads on either side on the surface.

2)  Package 2 is elevated stretch: There would be separate elevated structures (8-lane, 6 lane, 2-3 lanes for ramps) to run parallel to one another with huge interchange to provide connectivity to Najafgarh and Gurgaon border; it will be of 14 lanes i.e. 8 lanes elevated and 6 lanes ( besides another 3 lane service roads on either side) on surface with multiple entry and exit points from UER 2 and India International Convention And Expo Center located in sector 25 Dwarka.

Present Bottlenecks:
As per central Govt. rules there are approx. 7,500 trees with 30 CM Girth whereas as per Delhi Govt. there are 13,690 Trees ( as per Delhi Govt. 15 CM girth is considered as tree whereas as per central Govt. rules 30 CM girth is considered as tree). Due to this disconnection in rules being followed by Delhi Govt. & Central Govt. the diameter calculation resulted in adding approx. 6,190 to become approx. 13690 trees.

Solutions offered to Delhi Govt. by NHAI till now:
NHAI has already proposed to Delhi Govt. that it is ready to bear complete cost of transplantation of all approx 6190 trees with 15 CM girth to a new location. Additionally, NHAI has also agreed to compensate this loss of other approx 7500 trees by proposing to plant 10 saplings for each tree being felled/cut as per existing guidelines; and even offered approx. INR 80 Crores for compensatory afforestation. This proposal was initially nearly agreed upon by Delhi Govt. but only to turn down at last minute on some frivolous excuse; the proposal was that Delhi forest department under Delhi Govt. has asked NHAI for compensatory afforestation land of 130 hectare in lieu of 13,690 trees being cut and DDA agreed to give various patches of land to forest department to carry out this activity , however the Forest Department wanted that approx. 130 hectare vacant land should be given in Delhi at one single stretch/location which itself is an impossible task as land being in scarcity.

Why tree re-transplantation / cutting is necessary and cannot be avoided?
Trees have to be re-transplanted / cutting for the tunnel and elevated Dwarka Expressway. It has to stand on multiple pillars and not just single pillar at the median. Using Tunnel Boring Machines used by Metro for its tunnel work is not even feasible or viable here because metro tunnel requires 5 meter diameter cutter and NHAI has to use at least 16 meter diameter cutting and that too cutter has to go to & fro 4 times as there would be 4 separate tunnels running parallel; and manoeuvring this big machine is not manageable given the land available to NHAI THUS not a VIABLE solution here as suggested by Delhi Govt. Minister (PWD, Urban Development), Sh. Satyender Jain in our meeting held at his residential office on Oct 17, 2018.

Current Scenario at hand for NHAI:

NHAI has prepared itself for either scenarios;

1) Delhi Govt. approves it without any further delay then there is nothing like it, otherwise

2) if Delhi Govt. declares this patch as forest or deemed forest then NHAI has to take the MOEF route, which is under Central Govt., to have MoEF approval.

But only problem in later scenario is that it will derail the Delhi side of work by another 1.5 year or even more and we home buyers continue to be sufferers of delay paying home loan EMIs and RENT.

Steps taken by NHAI to Pursue Delhi Government to resolve the issue at hand:

A crucial meeting was held in presence of Minister MORTH, Sh. Nitin Gadkari and Secretary, Delhi Govt. to resolve the issue. In this meeting NHAI has conveyed its detailed and exhaustive solution to resolve this issue. Official Details of the meeting is expected in 10 days i.e. by end of October 2018, formal details of the same are awaited.

Extracts of the meeting was as follows:

  • If Delhi Govt. agrees on the proposal then work to complete Dwarka Expressway can starts instantly along Haryana portion.
  • as per current stand taken by Delhi Govt. it is more or less clear that they will convey NO in to NHAI which expected in next 10 days i.e. by end of October 2018, that’s exactly what Sh. Satyender Jain, PWD/Urban Development Minister, has conveyed this to us when we met him at his residential office.  If Delhi Govt. disapproves the request of tree cutting then the next solution is to declare it as Forest land, NHAI will have to go to Central Govt MoEF. And hence it will delay the start of work by another 7 months to 1.5 years to get approvals. Actually the patch is not a forest land as per records or environmental ministry norms, if it was so then Delhi Revenue Records should have shown it as Forest as they would have readily available details of such forest land, which is not the case. Needless to mention that there are various approvals which are stuck for deemed forest tree cutting since 5 years as well.
  • NHAI has to prepare a fresh proposal for deemed forest tree cutting which again will go to Central Govt. MOEF through Delhi Govt.
  • To make the deemed forest tree cutting proposal NHAI would at least take 1 to 2 months as they have to work to make the proposal fresh then various statutory compliances approvals are required, identification of land is also required, then Delhi Govt. will further review and give their inputs which has to be included, these will further delay the entire process of getting approval from Central Govt.
  • The proposal for Forest Department for Central Govt. needs to have details of which all are forest area and the record rights in the revenue records this is the forest area, however this is deemed forest and not forest as per revenue records. Hence, Delhi Govt. will first have to identify the deemed forest land
  • NHAI asked Delhi Govt. to provide complete details of deemed forest to which they replied on 16 October 2018. The reply is so ambiguous that from the reply one won’t be able to make out which are the deemed forest areas. The Delhi Govt. forest department themselves do not know which are the deemed forest area and now asking for inspection to finalize the forest land.
  • Delhi Govt. forest department authorities are Sh.Ishwar Singh (Addl. Pr. Chief Conservator of Forests & Chief Wildlife Warden) and Smt. Jayshree A Chauhan (Pr. Chief Conservator of Forests & Head of Department) didn’t responded to our calls.

We think that DXPWA needs to take PMO in confidence to make DwarkaExpressway project to be included in his priority project list as if Dwarka Expressway isn’t complete then there isn’t viability of India International Convention And Expo Center. Solution is only possible when Minister Sh. Nitin Gadkari meets Sh. Arvind Kejriwal and our main worry is that General Elections are near so probability of Central Minister talking to Delhi CM is very less. If Minister Sh. Nitin Gadkari meets and pursuades Sh. Arvind Kejriwal to get his support then possibility is there to get the approval from Delhi Govt. else there is no HOPE for us lacs of home buyers of Dwarka Expressway.

DXPWA Tried to persuade Delhi Govt to have this bottleneck cleared; to achieve this purpose we met CM Delhi, Sh. Arvind Kejriwal at his official residence on Oct 16, 2018. In this meeting he gave us patient hearing and asked DXPWA to come up with some workable & viable solutions and meet Sh. Satyender Jain, PWD/Urban Development Minster of Delhi Government. The Delhi Chief Minister Sh. Arvind Kejriwal also offered to bear all expenses for entire tree transplantation to help Homebuyers however when we met Sh. Satyender Jain his prospective was totally different.

Team DXPWA met Sh. Satyender Jain as directed by Sh. Arvind Kejriwal. The meeting was held on Oct 17, 2018 at his official residence cum office of Sh. Satyender Jain.

MOM with Delhi UD Minister Sh. Satyender Jain:

  • He was very clear that he will not allow to cut tree for Dwarka Expressway nor he gave any alternate solution.
  • He bluntly said NO to allow tree cutting without even allowing us opportunity to place the facts of the project’s details and various solutions given by NHAI to Delhi Govt, which we presumed that those facts could have helped the minister to take informed decision before snappishly rejecting the approval.
  • He asked how come so many trees cutting required. Why not NHAI make this road underground/elevated? And started calculating the expenses it generally required to make the roads. These were questions which he shouldn’t be asking DXPWA and instead he could have asked /questioned NHAI of the same if he has some point to make. Obviously, DXPWA had no answers to such vague queries raised by minister.
  • He was asking these questions to us as if DXPWA has prepared the DPR of this project and have awarded 7500crore budget to themselves….it was indeed very funny and frustrating for DXPWA at that point of time.
  • Sh. Satyender Jain further added,”Central Govt. ki waah waahi ke liye hum badnami kyu le? Kya humse poochh ke ghar lia tha aap logon ne? Badnaami le hum or ribbon katein BJP wale?”
  • But when we enquired why Delhi Govt. appointed CALA identified and approved the land patch to be acquired with tree at first place itself? To this he sidelined and avoided to answer saying he doesn’t have any information to this effect. Our query is that if he doesn’t have facts at his disposal then how come he take a decision which effects lacs of innocent people who has bought their dream home paying their life savings on just believing various governments i.e. project was duly approved by competent authority(s)?
  • However, at last he asked DXPWA to submit written request to him and he will forward the same to Forest Department with his comments on the same. To which DXPWA has drafted a memorandum to the same effect and submitted with the minister’s office.

Statistical Analytics:
Traffic Movement study is available in DPR for public ref.

We urgently want Delhi Govt. to kindly provide required consent from Delhi Forest Department, and engage and workout to agree with NHAI/DDA to adopt all feasible measures for the solutions required for the same.

As aggrieved home buyers, commuters and stakeholders to the benefits of the Dwarka Expressway,  we would like to make this very clear that we will aggressively follow up, track the developments, support and/or criticize/protest as and when required, to ensure the early completion of Dwarka Expressway. It has been a tough life for us since a decade of paying Home Loan EMIs and Rent simultaneously.

Question being raised by DXPWA, we seek support of Media houses to highlight the same:

  1. How did Delhi Govt. permitted tree cutting in Dhaula Kuan, NH 24 up to Delhi UP Border, various places within Delhi to carry out infra expansion like Construction of Elevated Road over Barapullah Nallah starting from Sarai Kale Khan to Mayur Vihar, Elevated road over Barapullah Nallah starting from Sarai Kale Khan to Aurobindo Marg near INA Market, New Delhi, Comprehensive Development of Corridor (Outer Ring Road) between Mukarba Chowk to Wazirabad Chowk, Comprehensive Development of Corridor (Outer Ring Road) between Vikaspuri to Meera Bagh, Corridor improvement of outer ring road from IIT to NH-48, Comprehensive Development of Corridor (Outer Ring Road) between Mangolpuri to Madhuban Chowk, Comprehensive Development of Corridor (Outer Ring Road) between Madhuban Chowk to Mukarba Chowk, Corridor Improvement for Outer Ring Road (Nelson Mandela Marg)Three Level Grade Separator at Gazipur Crossing on NH-24 and Road No.56, Comprehensive development of corridor (Ring Road) between PrembariPul to Azadpur, Ring Road Bypass from Salimgarh Fort to Velodrome Road, Flyover at Apsara Border on GT Road, Construction of flyover at Mukerba Chowk NH-I, G.T. Road, Grade separator Road No. 56 near ISBT Anand Vihar, Improvement of Corridor between Mukarba Chowk to Wazirabad Chowk. SH:- C/o Parallel Road in Zone F-1 on other side of Nallah from Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar to Wazirabad Chowk, Grade Separator at Rajaram Kohli Marg, Connectivity of East Kidwai Nagar Colony with Barapullah Project, this list is endless.
  2. It is pertinent to mention that ‘Competent Authority Land Acquisition’ (CALA) was appointed by Delhi Government itself as required under NHAI Act, which oversaw the land acquisition in Delhi for this NH248BB, had the officer primarily being from Delhi State Govt and they knew very well that the land is being acquired for the making a National Highway. As learnt, the trees are not on Forest Land, and revenue records don’t show such too then how come suddenly they realized after 1.5 years that this acquired land is reserved as “Forest or Deemed Forest” in contradiction to environment ministry norms?

  3. Denying or even delaying this NH 248BB, is sheer misuse of power in name of environment, by overlooking benefits of millions. To common man/home buyers like us, it simply looks like there is some dirty politics going on between two political parties and thus should be treated like an ANTI NATIONAL move.

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