Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

New Positions such as Moderator and Internal Complaint Committee, need to be formed via decision of Executive Members. Nomination will be done periodically.

Moderator : Rotating Responsibility : Guys will keep an eye on posts and tweets and moderate/administer the messages.  It is mandatory for all members to follow instructions of moderator, and then, if not happy, he may contact ICC.

Internal Complaint Committee (hereby called ICC) :  A 3 member body to hear all complaints of violation of Code of conduct and recommend appropriate action to the President of DXPWA. Such Action may include temporary or permanent removal from any communication group, or suspension of membership of the Association.  If the complaint is about a member of ICC member itself, he/she shall exclude him/herself from the proceedings of ICC for that particular case only.

Guidelines to Follow


Avoid commenting negatively or directly headon to other members on issues of our Association.

If there is any objection to any tweet/comment of any other member , kindly approach ICC and give sufficient time to investigate, reflect and act.

Avoid posting any thing which is not directly related to DXP If one thinks that it still needs to be shared, kindly forward it 121 to any Moderator. Moderator will take a call.

Moderator has a right to ask to delete any post/tweeter If someone is not  satisfied with decision of Moderator, he still needs to delete the post/tweet and approach to ICC.

Moderator can post something if supposed to be important. If someone is not  satisfied with decision of Moderator, he still needs to delete the post/tweet and approach to ICC.

All members have to comply with regulatory norms and also contribute towards DXPWA achieving full compliance of the same. Any temporary deviation will be only allowed by President or Vice-President for a given period.

If you think a member has put incorrect information in his tweet/post, kindly dont get into confrontation mode. You may place your own fact additionally with all supporting evidences. Interpretation & afterthought is left to individual members. No intimidation. Moderator may ask members to change the words of posts/tweet or delete the post/tweet.

Respect and Basic Level of Trust are imperative.

Any breach, possible breach or potential breach must be reported to ICC before complaining in public.

Lets us all understand that its human to err and divine to forgive. As this forum is for common cause, lets all show some flexibility  and adjust a bit to avoid any disruption in peace and friendly environment.

Try avoiding taking names of personalities & parties as far as possible to maintain comfort level for all. It might hurt others sentiments.

Some Tips to Avoid Confusions

Don’t screenshot chats without permission
Never send content, information or “news” that HASN’T been verified.

If you feel uncomfortable in any WhatsApp group for any reason, feel free to leave or “mute” the notifications.

When replying to a specific comment from a person, use the “reply” function.

When noticing that you’re having a dialogue with a single member of the group, consider changing the conversation to direct message,because the rest of the group may not be interested in reading your conversation with another person.

Keep in mind that your words can be interpreted in multiple ways, so use short sentences that can’t be misinterpreted.

Don’t abuse emojis. There are some like this or that don’t require explanation, but others like this or can be interpreted in different ways and generate confusion.